Empowering Organisations to Accelerate Startup Ecosystems

We partner with organisations to build startup ecosystems and create the next generation of sustainable startups.

Launch in weeks, not months

Focus on business strategy

Clearly defined in resources and time

Customisable and KPI aligned

Startup Ecosystem

Driving Innovation through Collaboration with Startups

A Startup Ecosystem provides a platform for established organisations to collaborate with startups and other innovators in a structured way. The ecosystem can help create and foster a culture of innovation within the organisation and provide new solutions and ideas for products and services, technologies and processes, hardware and software.

Our services are fully customisable, and iare designed as acceleration and incubation programme. We are an extension of the organisation's team, and by working with us, our clients have access to a dedicated team, mentors, proven methodologies, tools, and expertise.

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Focus on Strategy

Our Startup Ecosystems are specifically designed to help our clients to achieve their strategic goals. By defining clear objectives and aligning resources, companies can optimise their efforts and maximise success. CENTERED Lab provides guidance and resources to help organisations develop and implement effective strategies, from planning to execution.

What are the benefits?

In a fast-changing landscape,
building a Startup Ecosystem can be a crucial tool for organisations.

Select your type or organisation:

Commercialising Research

Commercialise your research and turn it into successful startups. This can create new revenue streams and increase the impact of your research.

Talent Retention

Accelerators can be a great way to retain top talent within the university or research institution.


Universities and research institutions can use accelerator programs to support entrepreneurship and create a culture of innovation.

Industry Partnerships

We can help universities and research institutions to build relationships with industry partners.

Optimised Program

We provide a tested and optimised program to help startups succeed, providing resources and staff that can enhance the chances of success for new ventures.

Ready to Launch

Our programs are ready to launch and require minimal effort from you, providing a hassle-free way to launch it.

Strategic Partnerships

Forge strategic partnerships with startup and experts, creating new opportunities.

Stronger deal flow

Strengthen your deal flow by identifying and nurturing promising startups.

Social Impact

Accelerator Programs to focus on social impact startups that are working to address pressing social and environmental issues.


Industry Associations can use accelerator programs to support entrepreneurship and create a culture of innovation.

Job Creation

Non-profit organisations can help to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth.

Branding and Reputation

Enhance branding and reputation, positioning your organisation as innovator.
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A Startup Ecosystem is not just a concept, it's a mindset. It's the belief that by working together and sharing ideas, we can create solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Clearly Defined

Our team creates programs that provide clear definitions of both time and costs, giving a complete understanding of the resources required.


We work by defining specific time frames, and focusing on delivering the program within those time constraints.


Our programs are all-inclusive price, ensuring that there are no surprise costs, so our clients can confidently plan and budget for their project.
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Maximise Program Efficiency

From planning, to launch, through implementation, we totally take in care of your startup programs.
We handle the details
We take care of every step of your startup program, from the initial planning to the final implementation, so the organisation can focus on their business goals.
Get expert guidance
Our experienced team of professionals guide the organisation through the process, providing the knowledge and support needed to launch a successful program.
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Working With Us

Working with us you can expect a highly collaborative and tailored approach, focused on leveraging our expertise, resources, and network to help you achieve your strategic goals and accelerate your growth.

Strategy-oriented plan

Our approach is focuses to prioritizes initiatives that helps you yo achieve specific business goals based on analysis.

Programs as a Service

We offer a complete package of experts, resources, tools, mentors, and support as a service, making it convenient for your organisation to leverage our expertise without having to manage all the details. 

A dedicated team

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to customised the program and support you throughout the entire process.

Protection of sensitive and confidential information

We prioritise the protection of our clients' sensitive and confidential information.

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