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Business bankruptcies have doubled

Lack of innovation in businesses and accelerating economic, social, and environmental changes have doubled the rate at which entrepreneurs are forced to close in the past three years.

Innovating your business has become an imperative. important to cope with this time of great uncertainty by becoming flexible and resilient.


Of business models
of enterprises are at

How we can help you design the future of your business today

Business CENTERED Lab

We strengthen your
core business

We redefine experiences and business models of products and services that meet user expectations and business profitability.
  • Strategy Design
  • Experience Design
  • Product & Service Design
  • Business Modeling
Venture CENTERED Lab

Let's launch your
next venture

We combine market opportunities to ideate, prototype and test new business branches to launch the next generation of enterprises.
  • Business Design
  • Venture Design
  • Social Innovation
  • Disruptive Strategy

We accelerate development
of new scenarios

We support the resilience of our clients by launching programs that enable the inclusion of knowledge, skills and ideas from outside the company.
  • Incubator Program
  • Acceleration Program
  • Open Strategy
  • Coaching Program

Our approach is based on the methodologies of the best universities and organizations in the field.

As alumni of Harvard Business School, IDEO and MIT, we have developed an approach and tools that enable us to support you with the best results.

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We combine strategic thinking with design to design extraordinary solutions.


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